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Most Recent Lifers
Blue Rock Thrush 30/12/2016
Dusky Thrush 05/12/2016
Bar-headed Goose 28/11/2016
Pallid Harrier 26/11/2016
Eastern Black Redstart 30/10/2016
Tree Pipit 26/10/2016
Hume's Warbler 23/10/2016
Isabelline Wheatear 18/10/2016
Siberian Lesser Whitethroat 15/10/2016
Siberian Accentor 14/10/2016
Jack Snipe 10/10/2016
Black-browed Albatross 05/10/2016
Eastern Crowned Warbler 05/10/2016
Booted Warbler 04/10/2016
Taiga Bean Goose 28/09/2016
Greenish Warbler 17/09/2016
Baird's Sandpiper 31/08/2016
Western Purple Swamphen 03/08/2016
Cattle Egret 31/07/2016
Turtle Dove 29/07/2016

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Newest Diary Entry30/12/2016

"Birder or Twitcher? For now I prefer Birder - if I ever visit the Scilly Isles or the Shetland Isles then I'll admit to being a Twitcher.

Either way, in my book, a 'tick' requires photo evidence. I enjoy photography so I decided to combine the two. I would much rather look back at a photograph and relive the moment in a few years; rather than just have some jotted notes and a fading memory.

Considering some of the many 'old school' birders/twitchers I have encountered so far - it's no wonder LGRE* thinks cheating is rife (deliberate or otherwise).

Having said all that, I'm in competition with no-one and I'm on no 'official' lists. I just do all of this for personal satisfaction and enjoyment. If anybody does see a mis-identification on this site then please let me know."

~ Phil Birder, 2016.


*LGRE - Lee Evans, the George Michael of the birding world. A lot like Marmite.

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